Vancouver, BC

ARTUS Health Centre offers compassionate and comprehensive
care for musculoskeletal and autoimmune diseases.



Jasmine R

Dr. Kur is a very friendly and caring doctor. He always greets patients with a big smile on his face. He listens to the patient first, then he makes suggestions. He is available whenever I have health concerns.

Lisa T

Dr. Kur is empathetic and takes the time to explain things and answer my questions. His staff is friendly and caring. I feel reassured after I see Dr Kur!

Josette. P

Dr. Watterson has seen me through my pain of arthritis and fibromyalgia. He is empathetic and has achieved great results in helping me manage my condition. He is professional and caring.

Raylene B

Dr. Badii is efficient, caring, and interested in his patient’s well-being. I would highly recommend him at a rheumatologist, a humanitarian, and a doctor who listens.

Audrey H

I have been seeing Dr. Badii since 2007. I feel extremely confident and assured that I am getting the best of treatment for my particular back issues. He makes me feel that he genuinely cares about my well-being.

Margaret F

The staff are courteous and professional. I am always greeted with a smile and welcomed. Dr. Wade is very helpful with getting me to understand my condition and treatment options.

Suzanne B

Dr. Wade is the best. He has been a wonderful care giver for my RA for over 7 years. I trust his decisions and I feel like you can tell him anything. Not only is he a great doctor, he is a kind one, which is important in healing.

Mary. M

I have been a patient of Dr. Kur’s for 7-8 years. In all this time he has helped me through some difficult times in controlling my RA. As well as having a vast knowledge of RA and its treatment, he has so much empathy, kindness and consideration for his patients.


I really appreciate Dr. Wade’s efforts in managing me and taking care of my condition so that it is stabilized. I’m really satisfied with how he treats me, in terms of personal and treatment perspectives. Overall he is so nice to me and very professional.

Madayag. C

Dr. Watterson has been looking after me for the past 9 years. He is an excellent care provider, including his nurse, whom I have needed a lot. They have been super excellent in their care. I thank them.

Gloria R

Dr. Watterson is a very caring doctor. He listens to your problems and discusses treatments which will work best for you.

Patricia G

Dr. Badii is an amazing doctor. He is caring, a good listener, and foes the extra mile for his patients. He is very supportive of his patients. He helped me out a lot when I needed the care and help. I highly recommend him to any person having back or rheumatic issues.