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839 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, V5Z 1J9 Canada

The clinic is located on the second floor at 839 West Broadway between Willow and Laurel Streets. It is conveniently located close to all major transportation and Vancouver General Hospital

How to get here?

Canada Line: City Hall Station, short 3.5 block walk west on Broadway between Willow and Laurel streets on the north side of the street. Bus: 099 – COMMERCIAL-BROADWAY/UBC (B-LINE) Conveniently located on the 99 bus route, the office is situated directed at the 99 bus stop westbound at Willow


ARTUS Health Centre has underground pay parking available to patients. The location of the parking is via the alley off Laurel Street, between Laurel and Willow. It has convenient, direct elevator access to ARTUS Health Centre. (map)

Accessing the Building

Elevator Access: For individuals with limited mobility requiring use of the elevator, access to the clinic on the second floor is only available through the alley / parking lot at this time. The elevator is not accessible from the Broadway clinic entrance. As a result individuals requiring the elevator must enter from the alley entrance parking lot marked 839.


In order to treated at ARTUS, you need to be referred to one of the ARTUS rheumatologists by your family doctor. Your family doctor can initiate this process.

If you have previously been assessed by a rheumatologist at ARTUS and your last appointment was more than 6 months ago, it is a provincial requirement that you visit your family doctor for a re-referral in case your clinical status has changed.

If you do not have coverage with the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia or are from outside Canada, you may book a private visit directly with one of the ARTUS doctors.

artus-dr-jon-chan Dr. Jon Chan
P: 604-872-1125
F: 604-872-1158
Assistant: Sarah Guo
artus-dr-max-sun Dr. Max Sun
P: 604-872-1125
F: 604-872-1158
Assistant: Sarah Guo

Nursing Office

P: 604-875-8026