Dr. David Collins

Dr. Collins is a Clinical Associate Professor at UBC. He is a dual specialist having actively practiced both General Internal Medicine and rheumatology at Vancouver General Hospital for ten years. This gives him a broad understanding of the body as a whole, and has been invaluable in making challenging diagnoses, as well as treating complex patients with multisystem diseases.

He practices both at ARTUS and Diamond Centre Rheumatology. He has been the provincial Rheumatology Delegate with the Society of Specialist Physicians and Surgeons as well as works closely with Dr. Kur to help shape provincial policies through the BC Society of Rheumatologists. Dr. Collins is an active member of the Canadian Rheumatology Association having served on their Scientific Committee. He was also the winner of the 2013 CRA National Great Debate.

He is a member of the UBC Postgraduate Committee helping train new Rheumatologists. He was one of the first rheumatologists in the province to train in joint ultrasound. Currently he is the Director of the UBC Rheumatology Ultrasound Program and also Director of the Cyclosporine Clinic. He cofounded the first Early RA Program in the province recognizing that prompt treatment is needed for inflammatory arthritis. Other areas of expertise are uveitis and sarcoidosis, which often require close collaboration with other specialists.

In his spare time he enjoys running the seawall. He and his fiancée have a love hate relationship with the Grouse Grind.


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