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WALK WITH YOUR DOC 2019 – Let’s take steps towards good health! Join Dr.Jason Kur and staff on Monday May 06, 2019 for a lunch time walk throughout the community. We will meet here at the Artus Health Centre at 11:45 AM before heading out for this years walk! For further details on the event and registration please see:


The Doctors at ARTUS are frequently involved in free patient education sessions on rheumatology topics.  We encourage patients to bring family and friends to these sessions.  An ARTUS doctor, physiotherapist or nurse will be presenting and available to answer your questions.


Snacks, tea, and coffee will be provided. Space is limited, please RSVP to: or call The Arthritis Society at 1-866-414-7766. In your message please specify which date you are interested in attending and how many people, if any, will be attending with you.

Tuesday April 2nd, 2019


Nutrition in Inflammatory Arthritis


Tuesday April 16th, 2019


Rheumatoid Arthritis


Tuesday May 14th, 2019


Ankylosing Spondylitis


Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Psoriatic Arthritis & Psoriasis


Tuesday September 10, 2019


Rheumatoid Arthritis


Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Nutrition in Inflammatory Arthritis


Tuesday, November 19, 2019




Tuesday December 10, 2019


Rheumatoid Arthritis


Did You Know?

Did You Know – Gout

Gout is a common form of arthritis that can be extremely painful. ARTUS doctors can help prevent further flares.

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Did You Know – Vasculitis

Vasculitis is a form of blood vessel inflammation that often needs urgent treatment.

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Did You Know – Meet Our Team

The ARTUS team involves multidisciplinary care with rheumatology doctors, nurses and physiotherapy.

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Did You Know – Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis can affect people at any age, often young women.  ARTUS doctors can help manage this condition.

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Did You Know – Ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis causes back inflammation, often in young, healthy men.  New treatment options can make this condition very manageable.

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Did You Know – IV

Many arthritis medications must be given through an IV.  The ARTUS team will make your experience a pleasant one.

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Did You Know – Back Pain

There are many non-surgical treatments for mechanical back pain.  ARTUS has expertise in this area.

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Did You Know – Myositis

Myositis is a rare disease of the muscle that causes weakness.  ARTUS doctors are experts in treating this condition.

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Did You Know – Arthritis

Patients with skin psoriasis can get inflammation in their joints.  ARTUS can help.

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Did You Know – osteoporosis

If you have broken a hip, ARTUS osteoporosis specialists can help prevent further bone loss.

Learn more about Spine Medicine